Debbie Crane, LCSW/ACSW ۰ 704-874-2387
  - 1301 Bessemer City Road ۰ Gastonia, NC 28052
  - 13 South Main Street, #308 ۰ Marshall, NC 28753

Debbie’s years of experience in the field of ethics investigation has led her to a strong commitment to helping mental health professionals overcome the struggles they face as they attempt to provide ethical care.

She has come to believe that no one purposely intends to breach ethics standards. She feels strongly that there are many factors that impact appropriate practice. She has the conviction that it is possible to prevent, avoid and remedy ethics problems in ways that maintain integrity and strengthen your reputation and practice stability. She is available to help with concerns in the following ways:
  • As a confidential sounding–board to think through issues and develop practical solutions.

  • As a resource to empower yourself to act with wisdom rather than anxiety and panic.

  • Provide encouragement to act impeccably to fortify your reputation as a professional.

  • Assist to formulate responses to ethical dilemmas based upon a logical and researched framework.

  • Provide training and policy development to safeguard against errors.

  • Advise on appropriate use of an attorney to best benefit your situation.

  • Developing steps to take if you find your ethics being called into question.

  • Consult and supervise regarding ethical practice and remedial training.

Debbie provides confidential consultation in person or by phone.
The initial session is complementary. For more information, call her at