Debbie Crane, LCSW/ACSW ۰ 704-874-2387
  - 1301 Bessemer City Road ۰ Gastonia, NC 28052
  - 13 South Main Street, #308 ۰ Marshall, NC 28753

Debís Motto:
Pray Toward Heaven,
but Row Toward ShoreÖ
Debís Background:

Debbie studied and learned Social Work at the University of Kansas in the 1960ís. Since then, she has worked to help people get what they want out of life. She has worked in Gastonia since 2001, and she recently opened an office in Marshall. She particularly enjoys working with the people of North Carolina and the South.

Debís Philosophy of Care:

My practice is user friendly, practical, and goal oriented.

I believe that each of us has the potential to solve our own problems and be more of who and what we want to be.

I take a positive approach to help you create opportunities out of difficulties.

I believe that the mind, body, and spirit affect each other, so I specialize in addressing situations from that perspective.

I do a lot of listening so that I can be sure that I understand; but also provide recommendations and techniques to help you reach your goals.

I believe that if we talk honestly and donít give up we can be successful.